UM records

is the label of Marcel van den Tol. UM is an acronym for Unda Maris, which means billow (lat.). The Unda Maris is a slightly lower detuned Salicional stop.

From 1977-1981 Marcel has graduated from his education LTS mechanical technique. From 1980 up till now he does audiotechnicial work. With his mobile studio, a.o. containing a 24-bit Fostex harddisk recorder, he makes high quality recordings on the spot.

For Anton Doornhein and several other assigners he has made CD-recordings. For example in the Marienbasilika in Kevelaer (Germany), the Katarina church in Stockholm, Vredenburg in Utrecht and the St. Jeroen church in Noordwijk.

You can reach Marcel by telephone.

Marcel van den Tol

Tel: 0031 (0)78 613 91 16
Mobile: 0031 (0)6 300 86 066